A leading figure in K-12 education in India with more than thirty-five years of experience in school leadership. She leads with the heart and puts inclusiveness into action. 
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Anuradha Monga has a distinguished career in school leadership always pushing the benchmark standard of excellence. She has worked in different capacities with several leading schools in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Kodaikanal, and has been an active player in building international partnerships to promote quality education. She serves in many national and international boards, and accreditation teams. Her strength and passion has always been to take projects that need to be worked on and breathe new life into them. Nothing has been given to her on a platter. Driven by her love for children, much of Anu's career comes down to a strong determination, an attitude which she attributes to the influence of her parents. 

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Educational Philosophy 

#Heart-led Leadership  #Schools as Structures of Joy 
#Inclusiveness in Action

Schools are the first home away from home, and this transition is very sensitive. We end up not building mere physical structures, but creating communities that comprise of the collective energy that makes a school flourish. From teachers to support staff, everyone matters and contributes equally to a school's happiness. The art of running a successful school rests not just in finding the right people, but in creating an environment where everyone is intrinsically motivated to grow together with the school. The persistent thread is always the belief in the link between caring school leadership and the success and well-being of students and teachers. 


My task first and foremost is to create and nurture the right context to learn. It follows the way of the head, the heart and will in alliance. Children naturally want to learn and schools need to tap into the natural rhythm of each child, only then can we speak of schools as structures of joy. It is equally important to ensure that these structures are diverse. This is why I'm a strong advocate of including children with diverse learning needs in the 'regular' classroom environment. So much more learning possibilities exist when there is diversity. It is not only about accepting diversity, but about celebrating it.


Last but not least, we should start viewing teaching as being is more than being about content, method and assessment; most importantly it is about entering into the right relationship as a teacher, student, colleague and fellow human being, which should be with depth, care and meaning. In a time when education is getting increasingly influenced by corporate culture, we need to be mindful of keeping a healthy balance. It is not only about efficiency, a school environment especially requires an organizational culture that is nurturing. What we focus on will eventually grow, if it is fear then we may end up creating structures of fear instead of structures of joy. 

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